Workshop Photography

Workshop photography (to see also:, phone 0031-(0)512-525464

“ Rintjeshoek ” offers you the occasion to follow a workshop photography. during your stay on “ Rintjeshoek ”, which lasts for a week or midweek.
We cooperate with a gentleman called Tom Manse, owner of “ Fotorette ” in Drachten. The set-up of the workshop is as follows:

Theory evening:

  1. Tom come to “ Rintjeshoek ” on Tuesday evening for example.
    The participants have their own camera (rather an analogue, but digitally is also possible).
  2. The possibilities of the several cameras are explained. There will be explained how
    one can get more possibilities from its own camera.
    Occasion to ask questions.

Practise morning:
Tom comes Wednesday morning. Now the learned theory will be put into practice.
Under the guidance of Tom outside pictures can be made on a location in the surroundings of “ Rintjeshoek ” (in the garden, from the dike or in the nature area father away).
With bad weather portrait photographs of each other can be made inside. The location and possibilities will be determined in consultation with Tom.
The film rolls will be taken and printed by Tom.

The results:
The results can be discussed with Tom – once again on “ Rintjeshoek ” for example, or at Tom’s shop in Drachten.

This will be agreed in mutual consultation. There is also the possibility to get an album of your self made photographs with a logo of “ Rintjeshoek ” and “ Fotorette ” and the date. This will be a nice souvenir of your stay on “ Rintjeshoek ” and the photography workshop you followed.

No own camera?
If you have not a camera of your own, you can use one of Tom’s.

Costs of the workshop:
On the basis of 4 persons or more € 25.00 a person.
This amount is based on the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. For the possible third visit of Tom, the costs will be determined in mutual consultation.
Included: course folder foundation course photography.
Not included: film rolls, costs for developing, processing and album.

With much pleasure we offer you the following workshops in association with bride & beauty:
Workshop make-up
During the workshop make-up you learn how you can do it the best for yourself.
We do everything inch by inch. The visagiste gives several tips and tricks beside the basis make-up. The visagiste assists you at every step which is taken. From putting on foundation to depilating the eyebrows.
You also get your own make-up colour recommendation: this will be noted down on a special card which you take home. This is very useful, because then you do not have to remember everything.

So everyone gets an individual recommendation!

Of course you can ask your questions to the visagiste during the workshop; she will answer all your questions extensively.

You can also choose a special topic:

• naturel make-up
• beauty make-up
• glamour make-up
• photography make-up
For the locking you can let capture everything with a beautiful photo shoot!

Workshop skin care
During the workshop skin care you learn how you can clean your skin the best and taking care of it. There are several ways to clean the skin; this will all be discussed.
There are also a lot of ways to look after the skin among which:

• Peeling
• Mask
• Eye cream
• Eye mask
• Serum
• Cream

Of course our consultant will answer all your questions.

YOU can also choose a combination workshop: a bit of skin care and a bit of make-up.
We do everything just a little bit more rapidly.

Workshop hand care and nail care:
During the workshop all aspects of hand care and nail care will be discussed extensively, so that everyone will know how to take care of their own nails.
Different techniques will be done as an example (filing, polishing, varnishing etc). Several tips will also be discussed.

During the hand care and nail care workshop you will learns for example how you
• file the nails
• push the nail-rims
• take care of the nail-rims
• take care of the nails
• varnish the nails (and in which order)

All participants will go home with splendid nails!

To cost workshops:
On the basis of minimum 5 persons from € 25 a person, exclusively the rent for Rintjeshoek. If you submit an application individually or with a girlfriend, groups will be made. The days for the workshops are flexible and therefore whenever you want.

Prices for arrangements on application. You can make the workshop as intensively as you want. It is possible with a high tea, lunch or a diner. It is also possible to do photo shoot by a professional photographer after the workshop. Or what do you think of a nice wellness-weekend? You can book for example one or more workshops and spoil yourself with a massage!

Further information about the workshops:
and for your reservation:
Rintjeshoek, phone 06-50594949

African Percussion:
Slaptones is a percussion group with passionate and spontaneous members to whom sociability is to be considered of paramount importance. Except that the name Slaptones is used for our percussion group, we also use it to organise percussion weekends and workshops. These have as goal to learn beautiful rhythms and individual phrases. Of course under the guidance of good professors. It’s about sociability, but also about learning. In those weekends a strong group cohesion arises. Because of this it is possible to reach performances more rapidly. Besides the djembé the doun-douns will also be played on.
We also organise jam sessions on several locations in the region Groningen/Friesland/Drenthe. Besides the djembé all kinds of other percussion instruments will be taken into consideration. The from Australia originating didgeridoo is also a rhythm instrument despite the fact that you have to blow on it. This instrument will not be lacking.
Slaptones also gives courses to beginners. And for the advanced we call in a good African professor.
In short: made to measure if it is a must.

For more information visit our website:


Nature photographing and walking:
Under the guidance of myself, Meindert van Dijk, you can walk and photograph in a group (maximum 14 persons) in a relax environment in attractive nature areas. As a nature guide and a photographer I have experience with organising and leading excursions and photographing plants, animals and landscapes.

During the walks I will give you tips and suggestions to make better, or other natures and landscape photographs photos with your own camera. You can also take you photos with you and let me assess them.

The walks are very suitable to relax. Also people without stress or a burnout will enjoy the merciful tranquillity, space and (generally) silence. Not in a far foreign country, but in our own country!

A few years ago I recovered from a burn out. I made the choice to do as much nice things, both in my work and privately. The nature photograph walks are a logical result of this choice. Besides a modest income these walks provide me especially with relaxation and new energy.

As a photographer I am especially active with nature and environment photography, architecture photography, garden photography and air photography. Visit my Internet site once

The length of the walks varies between 5 – 7 km a shift. The length of the walks strongly depends on the participants and is generally 3 – 4 hours. Sometimes a little shorter or longer.

The shift walks take place in the morning, at noon or at night. Personally I prefer the morning, since it is quieter, especially in the weekends. Also the evening walks can be attractive. Wind will frequently lie down and sometimes a nice sunset can be photographed. Moreover the light is more gentle in the mornings and evening hours. Nicer shadows are the result. I prefer to photograph during sunrise and sunset.

The heaviness of the walks exceeds one’s exspectation. Only the walks in the Frisian salting area outside the dike can be more intensive. Wet clay and the sucking swallow change the boots in large and heavy elephant feet. But still it is worth it. This tranquillity, space and silence in this unique nature area at the Waddensea can no where else be found!

Beside the day walks I also sometimes organise day excursions. Furthermore I consider organising an all inclusive nature photographing and walking holiday lasting several days. I think of weekends, midweeks and weeks. These arrangements can also of course be organised from Rintjeshoek!

Perhaps you will recognise this. During an excursion or walking trip with a group you want make a photograph. Of the landscape, of a fancy flower or an insect on the ground. Before you know it the rest of the group is far in front of you. You have to hurry up to catch up wit the group and the whole story starts all over again. You want to make another photograph…

During the nature photograph walks you will get you enough time and opportunities to make your photographs. It does not matter what kind of a camera you have. A digital camera or an analogue one; it does not matter). During the walks we especially pay attention to learning to see subjects. Especially to see in a different way then the normal way.

It is advisable to take a tripod along. Small or large whatever. However, your camera must be appropriate for the tripod. Wear clothes, which are strong against nature. In some areas waterproof boots are necessary.

Finally it is possible to take along the instructions for use of your camera. Sometimes I can help you with this to make better photographs. Sometimes people do not ever read the instructions for use guide…

With proud and pleasure we present you a multilateral lady, who can take care of complete meals and buffets for you.
She can also do this with you in the form of a cooking workshop or cooking session.
Moreover she is also operative as a therapist and also gives landscape meditation.
This is possible on Rintjeshoek, but is also possible in the nature area.
For families and families it is of course nice to be spoiled with a splendid meal during your stay, but also for companies and friend groups it is interesting to cooperate in a different way as a team.
Her name is Birgit Flüg.
Here is a description of the different possibilities.
For further information you can contact Rintjeshoek, or Birgit herself.

Birgit Flüg, your cook, to take care of your family weekend, trip, meeting or holiday:
For approximately 5 years I have been cooking with much pleasure for groups. During the preparing of the food I attach much value to the freshness of the products. I gladly cook nutritive and surprising Dutch meals, and of course also lasagne, pizzas and dishes from the oriental kitchen.

Gladly I will take care of a diner for you. For a group of 16 persons I count approximately. € 11, – for a 2 dish and approximately € 12, – for a three dish menu. I can also take care of the drinks and of course I am able to take care of your breakfast and lunch.

Rintjeshoek has an extensive pricelist. You can also ring or mail me for further information: Birgit Flüg, 0595-557035, 06-46242431,

A good conversation – listen closely:
Structurally and constructively talking with each other  under the guidance of an experienced attendant.

Sometimes it is not so easy to have a good conversation. There are different situations in which it can be difficult: in the family it can be a divorce, sickness or the approaching death that makes it difficult to talk, while people do want to talk with each other and it is needed.

In business it can be good if a department or the management withdraws for a while and talks about how the business is doing, which irritations from the past still play a role or to brainstorm concerning the future.

As a conversation leader I will structure the conversation so that every group member can express himself or herself and while be listened to by the others. Because I put a lot of effort in this method and because of my impartiality there will be prevented that always the same people will talk, that everybody will talk at the same time and that people will be silent. Much attention will be given to listening to each other and to the individual argumentation. Because of this reciprocal understanding will arise and new perspectives will be seen.

Also relation/ family therapy can take place in this form

A conversation meeting of approximately 2 hours costs € 150, -.
An intake conversation can be done in advance of the meeting.

Landscape meditation – see yourself and be yourself in nature:
Days of quietness – experiencing – sharing – knowing – recognising and being together..

Rintjeshoek is very suitable to take a step back of your daily occupations, to reflect and to go into nature.

Early in the morning you go out to let yourself lead by what you run across in yourself and in nature. You go in search of your own place. If you go out with this intention, you will see that what you run across is meaningful. You meet you personal symbols which can help you with finding answers on questions which occupy you at this moment.

In the afternoon and evening there will be time to work out that what you have experienced. To form what you have experienced in nature into a story or telling others, your experiences will get more meaning and deepening.

The costs for a day landscape meditation amount to € 150, – per day by group.

Who I am?
My name is Birgit Flüg and I am 42 years. For 5 years I have accompanied people in different life situations. My main point is that every human being is unique and able to live his or her live and to form.
15 years I have worked in the business world, like a quality manager. I got fascinated by the large mixture of people. Because I wanted to know more about how people are and how I could improve my guidance, I have followed an education as an Interpersonal therapist to the CGL at Noordbroek.

In this training, as a future therapist I had to do the therapeutic course myself. On the one side I learned more about myself (which problems I always have, how do I feel about it, what is important for myself in life) and on the other side I got a great respect for human beings /fellow students/customers.

Beside giving individual guidance and therapy I have specialised myself in relation therapy and the guidance of the sick and/or people with a disability (also mourning processing) and working with fairy tales.
I work with relaxation exercises, conducted fantasias, elements from the bio-energetics and symbolics of dreams and fairy tales.

Look for further information on:

” I try to create space and beauty with the elements of nature “ Emile

An individual workshop of Emile Snellen van Vollenhoven lasts an afternoon 2.5 hour. The workshop is meant by starting to paint without fear and to enjoy being busy painting. The emphasis lies on experiencing, reproducing and expressing your unconscious and conscious feelings on the canvas and to disappear in the painting. Without pressure, without a must and not aimed at the result. This in a peaceful environment. Some techniques will be explained during the process of painting. Find tranquillity in painting, experience warmth and enjoy being busy. This is what this workshop will offer.

Working method of the artist in the workshop
It demands another way of looking..
Painting is to see and to experience.
The painting arises without a concept in advance.
Without knowing – just like dreams, the core will appear on the canvas.
Something from the outside comes in you, call it inspiration and it will mixes itself in your deepest depths. Without knowing it takes unconscious matters to outside to reveal it. These matters appear automatically on the canvas.
The painting will lets you know if it will be abstract, surrealistically, symbolic or realistic.
It is not about beauty or not. You do what you have to do. However, the details will ask for the technique with which you finish it so that feeling and thinking become one again. I will discuss the techniques in the workshop but are not the main goal.
Knowing and painting without fear and letting everything happen is the ultimate feeling of freedom.

Not the final destination is the aim
but the journey itself.

I try to guide this journey and let people enjoy their painting process, doing it, these moments, that is it about. Painting means total freedom and no battle. And when people have tasted this they will continue painting after the workshop.
Experience is not a requirement.

The costs:
Once only an individual workshop of 2.5 hour with the artist € 100,-. Workshop in groups of 2.5 hour  € 50,- a person with a minimum of 4 persons. Individuals. For the business world € 100,- a person

Emile Snellen van Vollenhoven.

Drawing and painting to nature with children

Course: drawing and painting to nature with children
By Celine Schweizer, expressive artist and professor.

How many colours have clouds and water and how many colours green are there in fact? How can you paint water and how nice can a drawing be with only shade? If you find it nice to discover this and it seems you nice to paint to nature then is this a great course for you.
The guidance is aimed at what you can, therefore beginner or progressed that does not matter.
At the time being we look at what you like do then: drawing or painting.
There will be worked with several drawing and painting materials: like acrylic paint, oil pastel chalk, and soft pastel chalk.

The costs:
For a group of 5 – 8 children and/or young people,
or a combi group children/ young people/ adults
½ day: € 12.50  a person including material
1 day:   € 22, –  a person including material
2 days € 40, –  a person including material
3 days € 58, –  a person including material

Replacing Sentences:
Course: replacing sentences
By: Celine Schweizer, expressive artist and professor
When you are in Rintjeshoek for an intensive meeting where cooperation is discussed or other subjects where the head is used much, then the alternation with a creative activity can be very pleasant. The sentences will be replaced; the attention goes out to the surroundings, to the colours, the fragrances, the light and the shadows in the surroundings. Afterwards you are refreshed and go on with the real work.
There will be drawn and painted with simple techniques. In consultation with the organisation one or several creative activities can be done. The activities can be aimed at cooperation or the opposite, etc. This can be determined in advance on the wishes of the group. The activities can take of 30 minutes or…?

Concerning the docent:
Celine Schweizer (1960) experiences much pleasure with drawing and painting in nature and to the guidance of children, young people and adults who love to draw and paint. She has gained a lot of experience in several courses, where she also guided people, who wanted to try it but do not know if they can do it and people, who were not that creative normally.
She has given workshops at foundation Kombi and to several groups’ leaders of playschools. She is also operative as professor expressive forms and supervisor for the study creative therapy at the CHN at Leeuwarden.

Celine Schweizer:
Mobile tel.:  06 53540861

envelop-mail Telephone: 00316-50594949