The surroundings

Rintjeshoek and the region Lauwersland combine culture, nature, history and recreation in a multi-purpose manner. A wide and at the same time harsh landscape with animals such as the Scottish highland cattle and the Konik horses. Serene sky with the imminent silhouettes of several birds of prey. Experience the splendid and surprising incident of light every season, every hour of the day.

The unique so-called contribution house on the top of the dike is the only one in the whole of the Netherlands. In former days this was used to collect contribution money: nowadays one only enjoys the cultural and the historical value of this picturesque little building and the fantastic view of the sunset above the nature area during summertime.

The skies of Friesland is world-famous. In a lot of paintings they are exuberantly and true to nature reflected. For the birdwatchers it can not be more beautiful: a lot of geese flying above them and with their mutual call they share their freedom with us.
A lot of rare birds are staying and brooding in the national park Lake Lauwers.
The national forest administration offers different possibilities of admiring these rare birds during excursions.

Wild Konik horses and the Scottish Highland cattle graze the whole year around the nature area. You can walk just through them and see how nature goes her own way!

The region Lauwersland offers a lot of possibilities for recreation: Canoes, sailboats, swimming, horse riding but also several cultural trips belong to the possibilities.

Kollum is a very sociable, authentic place with all the modern shops available which one desires nowadays. The local tourist information centre can provide you with all kind of information, but on Rintjeshoek there is also much information available.

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