Rintjeshoek offers you a unique occasion to be entirely on yourself and with each other. With her outlying position below the dike and at the foot of the nature area national park Lake Lauwers, Rintjeshoek is a guarantee for tranquillity and space. Rintjeshoek is only attainable by a private road of more than 250 meters long.

Rintjeshoek is a former dike guard house. The Lauwerssea used to border until the dike. The dike guard and his family were rewarded by the “Wetterskip”, but of course one had to foresee also in another manner in their maintenance. One did that by keeping sheep and chickens, cultivating their own kitchen garden and fruit trees and helping at other farms during ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Actually whole their lives were about nature, with all her splendour and strength and that is something you can feel here intensely.
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Rintjeshoek covers a number of buildings: At first of course the house itself, which despite of a number of adaptations still breathes the atmosphere of the former days. On the inside is a lot of wood which results in the radiation of warmth and nature. The second building is a two floor counting barn, now in use as a working and stocking place. Back in the days this barn was used as a space to hang the sails which were used at times of heavy storm when the dikes were threatened. The hooks used for this purpose are still in the beams of the ceiling! The name of this barn is the Sylhok.
In front of the Sylhok a small stable with extension has been built: in this stable there are still three little walls of the former sandpit  from which one used to put sand in the sandbags to protect the dike and to fix the heavy sails for the dikes.

There is also the so-called “Kalverhuisje” (calf house). This splendid, small stable, built with old-fashioned bricks now offers an extra shower, a hip-bath with shower, three washstands and two toilets. Outside there is also a worktop with two sinks and an extra water tap.

Finally, at the back of the garden, there is a large horse barge and a stable, large enough for
two horses or three ponies. In the garden itself there is a pond and a spot to make a campfire and to barbeque.
If you are present at the right moment, you can enjoy the fresh fruit of our shrubs and trees.

The top floor has 3 bedrooms, reachable by the open staircase from the kitchen and/or the staircase from the scullery.
Downstairs: an entry with hall.
A wide living room with open kitchen which contains a furnace/grill and a dishwasher.
2 bedrooms, bathroom with a bath/shower, washstand and a toilet.

A separate space for the washing machine. A provision room. A stocking room. A scullery with a second toilet and a second entry. A boiler, central heating and a gas heater. Garden furniture is present.

There is free Wifi through all the accommodation.


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Unfortunately we had to decide not to rent Rintjeshoek to students since 2007, because of the damage to the accommodation after every stay. Moreover some neighbours had nuisance of these groups several times, that is why we only reserve Rintjeshoek for rest seekers out of respect for these people.

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